Monday, June 20, 2011

Yellow Bus Green Bus

his entire life, jeremy (my husband and proud owner of the vintagemobile) has never really fit into some sort of well defined box. instead, he fits into a 1980 school bus...well, sort of. 

jeremy has never gone the traditional route, he's been shopping in thrift stores since his teens, he's sported a mohawk and donned the don draper all business look, and everything in between. he traveled the world instead of taking the traditional college step, but once he settled back into dallas he let his imagination take the wheel (pun intended, sorry, i'm lame)...he dreamed up the vintagemobile (he corrected my pronunciation, "like the batmobile")

the vintagemobile he sketched and dreamt would be a store on wheels, bringing the best hand selected vintage stuff to your neighborhood, kind of like the ice cream man...after my initial, "you crazy baby..." I realized he really had something.

we found the yellow bus in oklahoma and after a few laps around the parking lot (that was the first time jeremy has ever driven a bus) we drove it back to texas and began the transformation.

the vintagemobile has gone green. we painted it green! and shoot, buying used clothes couldn't be greener a word? it's bright it's bold and it is very green...we hope you won't be able to miss it! 

we are currently in the process of tricking out the inside (tricking = a cool word for making it a functional store inside). we will have tons of space for our specialties, vintage tour tee's and mid century dresses. 

our shop is cozy but that is why we have done the hard work by combing through hundreds of vintage pieces to bring only the most unique and beautiful and funky and charming one of a kinds to make our boutique something a vintage lover will not want to miss.

We can't wait to get this thing rolling! 

"the vintage store you've been waiting for" 

grand opening: 
SATURDAY JULY 9th @ 11am
at The Belmont Hotel/SMOKE

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