Monday, July 11, 2011

hellllllo dallas

it was a day for the record books, or at least our record books. we rolled into the SMOKE parking lot saturday morning, half asleep (our excitement causing little sleep to be had) and half winging it (neither jeremy nor i have much retail experiance) as the sun rose high over dallas, so also our hopes for this unique little vintage boutique.

friends and new friends began to arrive around 9:45 all with a glint of golden lust in their eyes. as the breakfast taco's unwrapped, shrieks of joy amounded - one ticket holder ran across fort worth avenue in his excitement...could you blame him? 25% off for for life is slightly awesome!

the doors swung wide open at 11:00.
it was real.
it was open.
the vintagemobile had arrived.

the day was a huge success thanks to so many wonderful people...a special thanks to Taco Joint for the breakfast taco's...thanks to our very own (vintage) neighbors and friends aaron and amanda for picking up those tasty taco's (check out their awesome vintagey delicious etsy site while your at it ), thanks kevin for being our numero uno,  thanks kyle (he took the sweet and REAL polaroids) to jason at the belmont hotel for troubleshooting all weekend, and finally, thanks to everyone who showed up, took a look around, and bought a little something from decades ago...we soooooo very much appreciate you guys!

and just a little shout out to my husband...vm is awesome, you are awesome, i am so proud of you!

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