Wednesday, August 10, 2011

welcome neighbors!

an exciting change is underway here at the vintagemobile...we would like to welcome aboard vintage neighbor! aaron and amanda are our actual neighbors and our wonderful friends. they will be joining us in bringing you the very best vintage hand selected housewares starting this weekend! and boy oh boy they have quite the knack for the knick-knacks and all things vintage home.

what began as a weekend hobby the couple shared as they pieced their home together, quickly turned into something much bigger. finding more and more beautiful and eclectic items and running out of walls and shelves, they decided to turn their hobby into an online vintage shop.

a really unique aspect of their vintage moonlighting is that the extra bit they make from vintage neighbor, actually goes right back into the neighborhood...they throw block parties, holiday parties and are always willing to help out wherever is needed. they are a great addition to the neighborhood, let alone the vintagemobile.

you might just find them out here one of these days, and you will most definitely find their goods...this weekend! we hope to see you, say hello to the new neighbors and grab something charming for your home this weekend from 10:00 - 1:00 at the Belmont Hotel parking lot!

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