Friday, September 9, 2011

let's hear it for the right side!

after many a hot afternoon's pondering the bus, it's contents, and the space we have to work with, we decided to do a little remodeling job on the right side of the bus. this past friday my dad conspired with jeremy to get the job done. they took out the metal shelf that towered with all the housewares and accessories and basically made it look just like the left side of the bus.

take a look! 


this new rack on the right is the new and improved men's section! whoohoo! more room for more awesome clothes. we will still be carrying housewares from vintage neighbor and now they will all be at eye level...unless you are jeremy...or really tiny...either way rest assured our housewares and accessories will still be kickin in their new shelf space!

come and check out all the new fall stuff!

saturday and sunday 

11-2:30 at the belmont hotel.

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