Thursday, December 29, 2011

thank you

our first year in review, in the rearview and with many we go folks!
on our honeymoon, over a year and a half ago we were inspired to open a vintage store of our own after shopping at afterlife boutique in san francisco. around 9 months later we started to plan our new entrepreneurial venture. back then we had no idea the store would be riding around on four wheels but it was that one light bulb moment in jeremy's creative mind that changed everything...we would call it the vintagemobile. 

we found the perfect rolling boutique in mighty fine oklahoma and began the transformation process with the help of my dad...meanwhile back at the ranch, we prepared to stock the shop.

and finally...our GRAND OPENING! this day was supremely special because of all of you guys that showed up! what a successful launch. we wanted to thank our friends and family for pitching in and helping get this thing rolling. 

we were so giddy...our big green baby was born!

jane aldridge at stopped by that day to shop and to get some photos for her blog. thanks so much jane for all of your support! here are a couple of her shots.
a big "D" thanks to D Magazine for the HUGE plug, to the advocate, to oak cliff people, the CW with roni proter and nbc with andrew tanielian, this press has meant the world to us and we thank thank thank you!

this fall we hit the road and headed to waco, austin and fort worth. a big thanks to all the bears, cows, frogs and horsies that checked us out!

kevin buchanan at your help was invaluable in the town of cows! thank you!

we want to thank you for making our first year of business a success! please come see us again in 2012 as we are already buying fresh inventory for the spring. you  won't want to miss it so don't forget to like and follow us on facebook & twitter to get the most up to date news on where we will be popping up next!

have a great new year!

jeremy and kelsey


  1. Happy New Year!! Love y'alls little green bus!! :)

  2. Thanks Samantha, I woke up this morning thinking I should of mentioned you and a few others in this post. Thanks for being a regular on the bus! See you next year.