Tuesday, June 26, 2012

the bus now has air conditioning

great news! this weekend we got an rv air conditiong unit installed in the bus and it blows cold air all day long!

come shop on the bus this week at good records.
thursday 6-9 & saturday 10:30-2:30.


  1. Hanwei company, located in Nanjing High Air Conditioners and New Technology Development Zone, was established in 1990, with factory area nearly 80000 ㎡, and workshop area more than 40000 ㎡. Now the factory China chiller has set up a large and advanced central air conditioner laboratory and professional assembly workshop, etc.

  2. Now that you're bus has an air conditioner, I'm sure you'll be attracting more customers into your shop. Not only that, it'll be more comfortable for you to travel from one place to another since you don't have to deal with the morning heat. Our family has a trailer, and we're thinking of putting an air conditioning from mornington just like yours, to make it easier to travel.